Environmental Aspects

Identify environmental aspects to prevent pollution

Identify existing and future activities, products and services of the company which may have an impact on the environment in terms of environmental aspects so as to implement environmental management.

GHG & Energy Management

Practice carbon reduction to protect the Earth

We mainly engage in electronic product design, assembly and maintenance operations. Compared with other industries (such as steel plants), we produce less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, due to global climate change and environmental protection responsibilities, we have established a GHG inventory project and carbon reduction goals. We use electricity, gas and so on. Electricity is the most important form of energy consumed at Pegatron, used for air-conditioning, lighting and mechanical power, etc. In 2017, the electricity use was 89.9% of total GHG emissions. Accordingly, we commit to the implementation of energy-saving projects for management and technical levels, in order to reduce consumption of energy and resources and achieve the mission of environmental protection. Pegatron has been engaged in energy saving and carbon reduction initiatives since founded and actions taken including greenhouse gases (GHG) inventory and verification, reduction target and the implementation of several energy saving programs. We initiated the electricity monitoring plan to find opportunities for further improvement through collection and analysis of the electricity data since 2016, so as to enhance the efficiency of electricity use. The reduction of GHG emissions per revenue in every year achieved the reduction target of 21% comparing to the base year in 2009.  

PROTEK and GLOBETEK have been certified with ISO 50001 Energy Management System in 2018. 

Waste Management

Source reduction and appropriate reuse and recycling

The sources of our industrial waste are mainly research and development test materials, scrap, packaging materials and general waste. By strict classification and management mechanisms, we are able to reduce the potential impact on the environment. Pegatron's first priority in waste handling is reuse. Those cannot be reused will be broken down or shredded and recycled as raw materials. Incineration and landfill disposal is our last option. Reducing the ratio of incinerated waste is our goal to reduce pollution.

Water Conservation & Management

Save water resources and implement appropriate treatment

Our manufacturing processes do not consume a lot of water. Because domestic water is the bulk of the water we consume, we encourage employees to save water and set up water-saving devices. Domestic wastewater is discharged into a sewage system and managed by qualified, professional personnel. Wastewater discharged at each plant is managed by individual facilities and complies with legal requirements. Treated wastewater quality is monitored at discharge points and conforms to national standards. Also, the relevant authorities perform irregular sampling and audit according to legal requirements. 

Prevention of Air Pollution

Promote green manufacturing to prevent air pollution

Our manufacturing activities are mainly assembly processes. Fumes, vapor, and organic solvents are the main emissions generated from our manufacturing processes. Therefore, potential risk is relatively low. However, we still monitor possible pollutants regularly. The results all comply with national legal requirements. In addition, to further promote green manufacturing, we use environmental and water-based fluxes instead of the flammable organic solvents previously used.